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     Since we've been talking a lot about CD-ROM products, here's a
related query.
     I am a graduate student in Library Media at Auburn University.  One
of my professors and I are trying to put together a seminar on multimedia
for undergraduate education majors.
     We would like to know your top 10 choices for curriculum-related
CD-ROM products.  We are especially interested in products that are NOT
indexes or encyclopedias.  We would also like to know the grade levels
with which you are using these products.
     If you can help us out, please e-mail to me, Jan Hosey, at
<hoseyjz@mail.auburn.edu>.  I'll be happy to post the list on LM_NET if
there is sufficient interest.
     Thanks to all who respond!

P.S.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all Netters in the LA area.


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