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I have posted this on the CDROM-L but there don't seem to be many
eduational types lurking around.  A colleague in Vancouver, Canada is
trying to compile a list of the Top 10 CD-ROMs for purchase at his high
school.  Since I am in an elementary position I'm afraid I'm not much
help.  What titles do you recommend at the high school level?  Are there
any titles that should be avoided?
I'm also trying to show him what a valuable tool LM_NET is, so I hope you
won't let me down.  Please reply to Gary at mrichard@cln.etc.bc.ca
Thanks in advance!

Marilyn Richardson
Brent Kennedy Elementary        Box 40 Crescent Valley
School District #7 - Nelson      British Columbia, V0G 1H0 Canada
mrichard@cln.etc.bc.ca          604-359-7292  FAX 604-359-7522

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