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Dear Netters,
     This year, my third in the library media center, I'd very
much like to have some reading incentives for students as well
as teachers, and would appreciate any ideas used by high school
LMS'S that have proven successful.  I will post a hit when I
hear enough information to share it with all netters.  I am
especially interested in fun type things that will get people
involved in projects or contests, if possible.  I've read some
books, but would feel more confident hearing from fellow LMS'S
who know what has worked best before I prepare for the fall
programs.  Thanks in advance.
Joann Tillberg, Library Media Specialist
Salem High School
1993 SunDevil Drive
Virginia Beach, Va. 23464
VaPen = jtillber@pen.k12.va.us
FAX = 474-8483

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