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Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 12:02:22 -0500
From: zzdrus@acc.wuacc.edu (druse judy)
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

I am so thankful that we had smart barcodes as we pulled them off sheets and pla
 ced them in the books, especially since students did most of that work. It cert
 ainly helped to get the right barcode in the right book. Now we generate our ow
 n dumb barcode

Judy Druse
Curriculum Resources Center
Washburn University
Topeka, KS 66621

Date:      Wed, 25 May 1994 12:29:57 EDT
Subject:   Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

Hi, Linda!

Greetings from West Virginia! We went through a bar coding project about 2 yrs a
 go, so I know what you're facing. We used smart bar codes because the bibliogra
 phic information was already attached to the bar code, therefore avoiding the p
 ossibility of


Nancy Sloan
Fairmont State College
Fairmont, WV

Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 12:42:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: SUSANCN@dsl.rhilinet.gov
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

Linda : smart for the books already in your colection, but every library needs s
 ome dumb ones for original cataloging.
Susan coleman    susancn@dsl.rhilinet.gov
From: sooton@nde.unl.edu (stephen ooton)
Subject: RE: Barcodes
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 12:48:49 CDT

Having worked with both kinds of barcodes and some 40 library/media centers duri
 ng their automation processes, I have a really strong preference for dumb barco
 des.  The "info" on the barcodes serves little purpose, since the information i
 s on the book

Steve ooton
Panhnadle Library System  pls@hannibal.wncc.cc.ne.us
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 13:24:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Debbie Athanases <athanasd@belnet.bellevue.k12.wa.us>
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

We used smart barcodes for all our current books, after the retrospective conver
 sion, and dumb barcodes on new acquisitions.
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 10:00:00 -0800 (PST)
From: "Marjorie McPherson (503) 687-3186" <MCPHERSON@4j.lane.edu>
Subject: Smart or dumb barcode labels

    Oh boy, what a topic!  We started an in-house retroconversion project   with
  generic MARC records, which meant we used dumb barcodes.  For each book, we ne
 eded to search the database for the record and scan INTO the record the dumb la
 bel which we p
    We abandoned this method when we discovered Catalog Card Company,  which pro
 vided matched MARC records and printed smart barcode labels.      Much faster!
    In our current cataloging, we use OCLC and dumb barcode labels.
    We'll be trying an experiment with Baker & Taylor, which will provide  match
 ed records and smart barcode labels affixed to the books. So our 40-some school
 s will receive from the supplier, books already cataloged, processed, and ready
  to check out

    Marjorie McPherson, Cataloger
    Eugene School District 4J
    Eugene, Oregon
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 19:53:34 -0500 (CDT)
From: Melissa Davis <mbdavis@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

We print our own "smart" barcodes, using our laser printer and software from our
  automation vendor, Winnebago. If you have to buy the labels I'd probably recom
 mend dumb ones.

You really need to think about how you're going to process new materials to make
  this decision. Smart labels would be easy to buy for existing collection but y
 ou'll have to be sure the number assigned on the label matches the one in your
        Melissa Davis                   Librarian
        Splendora Middle School         Splendora I.S.D.
        P O Box 168                     Splendora, TX 77372
        Internet: mbdavis@tenet.edu     PHONE: (713)689-2853
        CompuServe: 75146,771

Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 21:15:13 -0500 (CDT)
From: JYL CHICKOWSKI <jwolf@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb
To: Linda Greengrass <LINDAG@BNK1.bnkst.edu>

If a vendor is converting your shelflist, I would definitely have smart barcodes
 .  Specify that the eye-readable part of the barcode show call number, author,
 title, volume number or year (for serials and sets) and accession number (if yo
 u have them).

The great disadvantage to dumb labels is that you have to bring all your books t
 o the terminals to scan them in.  That involves searching for the record and ma
 king sure you find the right one.  Could be a very time consuming job dependent
  on the number
Good luck with your project!

Jyl M. Chickowski
Supervisor, Library Technical Services
Spring Branch ISD,  Houston,  Texas
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 21:20:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

The difference between "smart" and "dumb" barcodes is simply one of being specif
 ic to a certain book/title (smart) or just a barcode without title/call no. inf
 ormation (dumb). If you are sending a shelflist out to a conversion vendor, you
  genrally reci
Best wishes, Paul Venancio (paulvo@ids.net)
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 21:34:37 -0500 (CDT)
From: Betty Dawn Hamilton <bhamilt@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

Yes, please do post your results.  We have dumb bar codes for the initial barcod
 ing.  After that, I'm not sure what I will order.  Hearing from others may help
  me decide.

Betty Hamilton      <bhamilt@tenet.edu>     Voice: (806) 637-4523
Director of Library Media                           701 Cub Drive
Brownfield High School                        Brownfield TX 79316
Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 23:24:33 -0500 (CDT)
From: JayD <jnelson@access1.speedway.net>
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

Dear Linda,

I just couldn't resist putting in my two cents in response to your query. Typica
 lly, the terms "smart" vs "dumb" as relates to barcode labels simply indicates
 whether the label includes only the barcode and number (dumb), or has the Title
 , Author, and/

Jay D. Nelson
Educational Solutions, Inc.
(800) 443-3229

P.S. Please pardon the overt bias.
Date:    Thu, 26 May 1994 9:06:25 -0500 (CDT)
From: BIGWOOD@lpi.jsc.nasa.gov (DAVID BIGWOOD 486-2134)
Subject: Barcodes

  I would very much to hear the results of your question on barcodes.
  We have just sent off our records of a retro and in a few months
  must make a decision on barcoding.
  Smart barcodes would be a good way to inventory our collection.  The smart  wo
 uld not need to be linked, which could save time.  We would then  switch to dum
 b for ongoing cataloging.  Thoses are my impressions  beforehand.

  David Bigwood
Date: Thu, 26 May 1994 12:42:58 -0500
From: jperkins@po-1.star.k12.ia.us (J. Perkins)
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

Whether "smart" or "dumb" make certain that you have the capabiltiy to print you
 r own.  The independance is worth whatever it takes to be able to do them inhou

J. Perkins, Media Specialist            Media Center
jperkins@po-1.star.k12.ia.us            Urbandale Middle School
Date:      Thu, 26 May 1994 14:17:33 EDT
To: lindag@bnk1.bnkst.edu

Linda - if your shelf list is accurate, get the smart barcodes!  I like having t
 he class number (dewey) on the barcode, plus author/title.   But if your shelf
 list is the pits(!), don't bother with smart barcodes.  They will be too frustr
 ating.    I sp
  We've done it both ways.        email: eric02@suvm.syr.edu
Date: Thu, 26 May 1994 23:05:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Ellen Louise Ashcraft <ashcraft@memex.lib.indiana.edu>
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb
To: LINDAG@bnk1.bnkst.edu

Dear Linda,
   We are using Surpass/2 from Educational Solutions.  We let the system assign
 the barcode number, then print them as a group with a laser printer.  Having th
 e title printed on the barcode makes match-up easier.
Ellen Ashcraft
Date: Fri, 27 May 1994 13:27:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Sandra L. Doggett" <sdoggett@umd5.umd.edu>
Subject: Re: Barcodes - Smart or Dumb

You will probably need both.  We sent our shelf list out to to entered on disks
 by Follett.  They sent back smart bar codes.  This is definitely easier but mor
 e costly.  Then we needed a supply of dumb bar codes for the books that were sk
 ipped or new i
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 20:51:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: MOPKHLM@delphi.com
Subject: smart/dumb barcodes

For the main conversion smart barcodes are probably best. otherwise
you will end up attaching a bar code number to every book in your
(or item) library. Smart b arcodes are already att ached. Then we use
dumb barcodes on stuff you have to get that does not have electronic
records purchsased with it. If youcan purchase electronic records, it
is worth it to get smart barcodes also. Judy Listrom MOPKHLM@delphi.com



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