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In my high school and juntion high I have each  student make out a
signature card the first time he/she checks out a book. At the end of the
day I "post" the author of the book(s) checked out and stamp the date
due. I file the signature cards by the student"s last name and the
charge cards by the date due and the author's last name. When the book is
returned I cross off the author's last name off of the signature card. In
that way I can easily tell if the student has any overdue books. Any
questions please feel free to contact me.

Lynne Therriault
Pinole Public Library
Pinole Valley HS
Crespi JH

On Tue, 7 Jun 1994, Megan McGuire wrote:

> This might seem like a dumb question, but I just graduated and I haven't even
> used a manual system since eight grade.  Now I've got a job where there is no
> automation and I'm not even sure I can do the things I want to.  I understand
> the that most people have kids put down their names and room numbers, stamp
> the cards, and file them by date due.  I plan to use flexible scheduling and
> therefore expect kids to be exchanging books everyday - the problem is I don't
> want them to walk off with the whole library.  The woman I student taught with
> only lets kids have two books out at a time, with exceptions made if the child
> has a paper or project, but she has an electronic checkout system which tells
> her how many books a child has out.  How can you tell how many books a child h
> out using a manual system?  A non-librarian friend suggested I make up ID card
> for each kid and paper clip their book cards to their ID card, but that messes
> up overdues.  I'd have to go through every card to figure out who had overdues
> This is my first really important question I've posed to LM_NET.  The response
> I've gotten to questions in the past makes me very hopeful that someone out
> there has a solution.
> Thanks in advance!
> Megan (mcguire@macc.wisc.edu)

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