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Comics in the School Library

I am in the midst of a project addressing how comic books and graphic novels

Does your library collect this type of material?

Does it bring in reluctant readers and students otherwise turned off to the

How do you order this material? jobbers? direct?

What kind of problems, if any, are experienced over the graphic and violent
content of many of the comics and graphic novels?

Are teachers using these materials as supplementary curriculum materials? And
if so, which ones and for what?

I will make a hit if I receive a number of responses.

Thanks for your help. This project is due July 6.

Laura Maroon
Library Science graduate student
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ   85724

"yes, it's a dry heat; a very dry HEAT. We deal with it the same way people
deal with snow blizzards; we stay in or go to the mall. just think of it like a
heat blizzard.

are used for young adults in the school.

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