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Wade Grimes                  voice > 314 898 5553
Social Studies Dept Chair      fax > 314 898 3140
Audio Visual Dir CATV 18       net > wgrimes1@services.dese.state.mo.us
H L Purdin High School               wgrimes@bigcat.missouri.edu
Elsberry, Missouri 63343 0106
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                        Objects in the rear view mirror
                          are closer than they may appear.
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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 17:57:56 CDT
To: Multiple recipients of list <gopherjewels@einet.net>
Subject: Congressional info


    In a move onto the information superhighway, Congressional
    Quarterly has created the CQ Gopher. Our gopher will allow
    Internet users to explore CQ data files, both current and

    "CQ was built on the idea that people who were better
    informed about their government would be better citizens,"
    said CQ Editor and Publisher Neil Skene.  "Our new gopher is
    a way of delivering CQ information to more people in the
    United States and around the world."

    Among the information accessible through the CQ Gopher:

    Lead stories of the current CQ Weekly Report

    Current weekly news brief from The CQ Researcher

    Status of appropriation bills and other major legislation

    Current catalogs from CQ Books and CQ Press

    Current schedule of CQ's professional education seminars

    And more!

    The best way, of course, to learn more about the CQ Gopher is
    to explore!  The gopher is offered free-of-charge.  If you
    have any questions or comments on the CQ Gopher, please send
    a message to gopher-admin@cqalert.com.  Please be sure to
    include the following information in any message: your name,
    title, and institution/organization.

Name=Congressional Quarterly Gopher

I do not represent this site...I just found it and thought it would
be of interest.  I make every attempt to identify the point of origin
on every site I find.  If I have made an error, please let me know.

        David Riggins
        Gopher Jewels Project

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