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Once again here comes a request for the expertise of this group!
Our school system has just purchased a trial subscription to America
Online and I have been asked to give a workshop to some teachers on its
possibilities and use. I've been playing a little with it and there
just seems to be so much. Are any of you subscribers? What do you find
most useful? What sections, if any, do your teachers like or use?
The workshops will be over two days, five hours each day, in August.
I am also supposed to be introducing the scanner to them during this time,
another thing I'm trying to get up to speed on in between graduate
classes, and my sons' summer baseball games!
I would be most grateful to any of you that could suggest tips, files
that should not be missed, suceessful lessons etc.
I will happily share anything I get as well as the evaluations of
the workshop, good or bad!

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