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We have been using ENCARTA for several weeks now.  There are some nice
features and some questions.  I like the ease of the search...click on FIND
and you are ready to do a new search at any time without having to go back
through several screens.  The Atlas is nice and the phrases spoken aloud in
foriegn languages is great!  The information seems adequate but when
printing we haven't been able to know how much there is to actually print
out.  On Grolier Multi-Media Enc. it says at the top of ther screen that
you are looking at window 1 of 5 or window  4 of 27 etc. But ENCARTA has no
indication that I can find as to how many pages of info will come out.
Also, when it prints there is a strange setup to the page...a line going
down the left side of the page and words almost obliterated by the
highlight characters.  There is a word processing feature but to get to it
is a long process and not easy for students on the run or with a lineup
behind them.  The pictures are great and the info. ok too...but the
printing has us baffled.  Any other ideas?
Katie Bailey - Seabreeze HS Daytona Beach, FL>

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