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Each issue of Emergency Librarian includes responses to a current issue,
typically framed as a question with four answers by readers and other
leaders in teacher-librarianship. The question for our next issue is:
"Does library automation make a difference to program effectiveness?"
If you would like to respond please send your reply, in a maximum of two
hundred words, to Emergency_Librarian@mindlink.bc.ca; four will be selected
for inclusion [once notified a photograph will be necessary]. Replies may
also be sent by fax to 604-925-0566. Thank you.


Slow Mail--
Ken Haycock, Editor
Emergency Librarian
Department 284, Box C34069, Seattle, WA 98124-1069
Voice: 604-925-0266; Fax: 604-925-0566
Internet: Ken_Haycock@mindlink.bc.ca

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