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     I will give this source to the whole net because I do think it is
important.  My students Gophered to a Varonica site.  They put in the key
word Holocaust.  We downloaded two sources from I don't know where.  One
was the history of on of the consentration camps seen through the eyes of
diaries.  The other was a disscussion about why this person thought the
whole thing was a lie.  Two sides to the same story.  It was very
interesting.  Now what I don't know--are all the veronica sites the same.
Bill Sears

On Wed, 30 Mar 1994, Betty Dawn Hamilton wrote:

> On Wed, 30 Mar 1994, Paul Clark wrote:
> > We have been in touch with the Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. but
> > would greatly appreciate tapping into other sources for teaching purposes.
> Paul,
> I was just looking through a Jackdaws catalog today and noticed a
> Holocaust package that looked pretty good.  It had copies of several
> documents that might be considered "primary."  One was a copy of the
> letter from Goering (sp?) recommending how to dispose of prisoners.  I
> think the package is $35.00.  There were quite a few other interesting
> packets.  I'm not aware that our high school teachers use Jackdaws, but a
> couple of very good social studies teachers in middle school used quite a
> few.
> Betty
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