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Dave Eddy, our geography teacher, is beginning a unit on Canada next week.
He would be very happy (an impressed!) to hear from teachers and students
who live in Canada.  The following things would be interesting for our
students to know and perhaps discuss through e-mail.

1. We are the Seabreeze High School sandcrabs.  What is your mascot?
2. We are allowed to drive at 16 and the speed limit is 65 on the
highways...what about you?
3. We go to the beach, surf, skate (skateboard), and rollerblade for fun.
What do you do?
4. We start school at 7:20 and end at 2:40 with seven - 55 minute classes.
There is a 15 minute break between 2nd and 3rd pds. that we call crab
break.  You?
5. Football, basketball, track, volleyball and soccer are big sports in
our school.  What about you?
6. What classes are required for Freshmen?  We have Math, science, world
geography, health, foriegn language and/or othere electives.
7. Our band marches at football games and parades.  We have flags and a
dance group called Sunsations and Breezettes.  YOU?  We also have a chorus,
and American musical theater group and a string orchestra.  You?
8. We are interested in anything else that you would like to tell us about
your school!!!

Thank you so much for answering!

Please send your response to :  baileyk@mail.firn.edu

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