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Contact Margi Bontrager, director of the Greentown Public Library in
Greentown, IN which is housed in the high school.  She has a very
successful program.  I don't know if she has email, but her phone
number is (317)628-3534 and her fax is (317)628-3759.

Carol Adams
Perryville, Arkansas

From: Cathy Cheely <ccheely@leo.vsla.edu>

Contact Ann Madsen at amadsen@pen.k12.va.us.  She has dealt
with this in Norfolk and even written an article on it.

From: Kathleen Marsh <h9041025@llohio.wviz.csuohio.edu>
Newsgroups: schl.sig.lmnet
I do have some experience and some opinions on joint school-public
libraries.  Here at Euclid City Schools we are just ending a "partnership"
with our city public library.  The relationship was full of problems, in my
opinion.  If my other e-mail message did not get to you, please respond, and
I'll elaborate.  I could send you a copy of the contract between the Board
of Education and the city library.
Kathleen Marsh (h9041025@llohio.ll.pbs.org
Euclid High School, library media specialist
711 East 222nd Street
Euclid, Ohio 44143

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