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Fellow LM_NETers,

My Fourth Graders are researching how Christmas is celebrated in other
lands.  (We're in Waterloo, NE, USA -- near Omaha).  The students would
like to know how Christmas is celebrated in:
        Wales, England, Scotland, Mexico, Ireland, Austria, Germany,
        France, Italy, and Spain.

If you live in any of the these countries and would like to help my students,
please send an e-mail message describing how Christmas is celebrated  in
your country -- Pleased address your letters directly to the fourth grade
class like this:

        to:  jsartin@esu3.esu3.k12.ne.us    (Judy Sartin is their teacher)
        subject:  Christmas in _________________

Thank you to everyone in advance!! LM_NET is great!


Sheryl Lee                     Waterloo Public School
Library/Media Specialist       800 N. Front Street, Box C
slee@esu3.esu3.k12.ne.us       Waterloo, Nebraska  68069

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