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I kind of thought we did.  I didn't have time to reply to all the
individual messages, but when someone suggeted group messages, I
responded.  Also made a bulletin board showing a map of the U.S. with the
messages (or parts of longer ones) all around the map and red and green
yarn from the message to the spot on the map it came from.  I got started
on this a little late and could still use some more messages.  Everybody
at our school thinks it is great.  You can easily delete the messages if
you don't want to bother.  By the way, I'm not in the spirit, either.
It's hot in Texas and I haven't done any shopping.  But the kids are
having a ball.

Diane Durbin

> In addition, I don't quite understand the sudden influx of Christmas
> Greetings to everyone on LM_Net.  Did we agree to send messages this way
> instead of individually? It's true I'm not in the Christmas spirit yet, but
> enough already.
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>                                    Ursuline High School
>                                      90 Ursuline Road
>                                    Santa Rosa, CA  95403
>                                   e-mail: elisa@sonic.net
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