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> Is there a quick way of handling this that you have discovered,
>or are there some sure-fire addresses I should have to start out?  As you
>can see, I'm a novice myself!  I would really appreciate any tips you can
>give!  Sara McKee
>       Forestdale School
>       Sandwich, MA
>       mckee@meol.mass.edu

Sara and others,
        I have found that I can answer almost any reference or info request
by using Netscape. Click on the Net Search button, scroll down to Web
Crawler and simply type in a few key terms. Web Crawler is my favorite
search engine...fast! Usually, I can find what is needed in about 5 min.
                /\  /\
Cheri Quillin__/  \/  \  /\/\___/\____INFOMATION ENTHUSIAST (Librarian!)
Lamar High School      \/             503 Maple Street  Lamar, MO 64759
POT# 417-682-5571                     email xvd000@mail.connect.more.net

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