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On Thu, 28 Dec 1995, Sandra Griffith wrote:

>What are you reading while on your break?

     I just finished Diana Gabaldon's trilogy of historical
fiction about the romance of Jamie and Claire: _Outlander_,
_Dragonfly in Amber_, and _Voyager_, recommended by an
LM-Netter last summer.  (THANK YOU, whoever you are!)
They are 850p, 947p. and 1059p. respectively, and I can't
wait for the next volume!  Claire Randall is a former combat
nurse who touches a magic circle of stones in 1945 and falls
through a crack in time back to 1743 Scotland, torn by border
wars and the struggles of Bonnie Prince Charlie.  The history
and politics of the time come alive through the story of
Claire's struggle to fit into the era, her efforts to return
to her own time, and her growing love for the young Scots
warrior who marries her to protect her.
     While I'm waiting for the next volume (there MUST be one in
the works), I'm reading a biography of Elizabeth I., _Legacy_,
by Susan Kay.  If I finish that, Stephen King's _Rose Madder_
is waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

                                       Bonnie Fulmer
                                       Spackenkill High School
                                       112 Spackenkill Road
                                       Poughkeepsie, NY   12603

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