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At the begining of this school year with the help of my principal I began
an evening program which I call *Family Library Night*.  This was to be 1
evening per month when families were invited to come to the school
library to check out books, read to their children, browse, use the
computer lab.  Well, the program was so well received that 1 evening turned
into 2 evenings per month.  Often other school happenings such as PTO
meetings, school conferences, bookfairs, storyteller, Title I programs are
for the same evenings in the hopes that this will draw more families into
the school and the library.  Everything has really been going great.  But
I have noticed that the core group of families that come in every two
weeks are the same families each week.   Occasionally a *new* family will
come in.  What I am asking LM_NETTERS for are ideas or programs or
activities that might draw minority families into the media center.  The
minority groups at my school are Native Americans, Hispanics, homeless
shelter residents (for lack of a better word), and families in the
family abuse shelter.  Any ideas that you have to offer will be greatly

Happy New Year!

Pat Lambert
Needham Elementary
Durango, CO

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