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There are so few of us it seems during vacation, gee, when I finally have
time to read the 75 messages a day, now there are only 10!

Perhaps someone out there has something to share with me on these two
things - first, I plan to see the movie Jumanji today!  I must have read
that book to my elem. kids 20 times before Christmas in case they went
to the movie.  Most of course had heard it, but I felt it my *duty* to
refresh their memory.  Any thoughts out there on the movie?

And, I broke down and bought Bill Gates' book, _The Road Ahead_.  I'd read
an exerpt in Newsweek and was impressed.  Anyone out there have any
thoughts on it?

Happy New Years to one and all from cold, frosty Wisconsin --

Marla Hall - Prescott School District, WI - marla.j.hall@uwrf.edu

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