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Again, I apologize for the mess in the last attempt.
Thanks to all who responded to my query!

I ASKED:  If you know of a resource of any kind that your found
INVALUABLE for you/your school as you first went on-line,
please let me know.  It might also be helpful if you briefly
mentioned how or why you rate it so highly.

Here are the edited responses:
Jamieson McKenzie's technology web sit, called From Now On is
excellent.  He is the tech. coor. for Bellingham Schools, WA.
I've heard him speak & he makes a lot of sense.
One source I found enjoyable to read as well as a fun read for
faculty members is The Internet for Macs for Dummies by
Charles Seiter.  A good source of Web sites is The Internet
Yellow Pages by Harley Hahn which has 830 pages and is also
sprinkled with humor.  A warning though, it should not be put
in a place where students can access it because of several
sexual sites it lists. . .Finally, a company which carries
many invaluable products is called Classroom Connect which
can be found on the Web at http://www.classroom.net.  My
library subscribes to a monthly newsletter called Classroom
Connect which has lesson plans and short informative articles
about the Net.
I used the Librarian Guide to the Internet at first.  It's a '94
copyright I think, and I may have the title skewed since it
is at school.  It's from Linworth Pub.  I also just picked up
a copy of "The World Wide Web for Teachers" by Bard Williams.
(Part of the...for dummies series) IDG books, 1996.  ISBN
1-56884-604-5. LCCN 95-81813
Actually, LM_Net has been an excellent resource.  I've picked
up lots of useful URL's there.  I have been writing them on old
catalog cards and categorizing them.  I'm not sure it that is
the best or not.  I often pass them along to the individuals
that may be interested.
I found a book at a bookstore: World Wide Web Guide, and started
looking at it, and found really cool sites listed.  I bought it,
brought it back to school and started typing in some addresses,
instead of doing general searches, and found some wonderful
sites!!  Since then, I've bought some more:  Really cool web
sites, and World Wide Web Top 1000.
Then, the best of all is the one I found last spring: Kidstuff
on the Internet.  I bought a copy for each of my teachers and
we're doing inservice right now, showing them how to find
sites, and they are going crazy!!  The Kidstuff title is
(full title):
        A Pocket Tour of Kidstuff on the Internet
        Sara Armstrong, PhD
        0-7821-1803-8  $12.99  Published by Sybex
One other book that is supposed to be good: Internet for Kids
by Price Stern Sloan.
I suggest you visit our school site.  I know this sounds like
bragging but it really is great! Our second grade teacher spent
months working on it and she created links to a variety of
"kid safe" internet sites which support our curriculum along
with other sites that would be of interest to students.  I
find this site so comprehensive that there is very little need
to go anywhere else.

the url is: http://www.ConnRiver.net/Customers/Lakeway/lake.html

This is getting long, so I will continue in Part 2

Ruth Kaiser
Unified Catholic Parish Schools
Beaver Dam, WI

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