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Becky Palgi raised the issue of wear and tear on magazines from allowing
them to be checked out.  I don't know all the details of Becky's
situation so I'm somewhat limited with the advice I would give.  If Becky
is like many of us she has access to microfiche or full text CDROM magazine
sources.  If so, let me suggest that perhaps the magazines that students
check out and wear out might be like the Velveteen Rabbit.  Some
things must wear out -- be considered consumable.  If kids are reading
the things to death we might want to consider each wrinkled page or torn
cover as a thing of beauty.

When we got Proquest I altered what was purchased for high school buying
the magazines the students requested.  The old hard copies of American
History and Scientific American sat on their shelves untouched....except
for research.  Now that they are on disc they have been replaced by YSB,
a host of car/bike magazines and yes, even G.Q.  (The guys complained
that the girls had all those other magazines --like Redbook and they had
nothing comparable)  Just a thought, Becky.

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