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I have a concern.  Lansing, Michigan's public libraries have been run by the
Lansing School District.  The district can no longer afford this.  It is
getting out of supporting the public library.  The one branch on the South
side of Lansing closed this past week.  Now the whole capitol city of
Lansing has only one public library, the main branch, downtown Lansing.
Having grown up in Detroit with many neighborhood libraries, and
bookmobiles, and being a strong proponent of the desirability of all to have
free access to information I have great concern.  I feel the children and
adults of Lansing are being short changed.  Therefore, I am asking two things:

        1) I'd like to know if this lack of library service is common in
other U.S. capitol cities?

        2) (This part is really for Michigan Residents)  Is there a group
forming to make sure this situation improves in Michigan?

Thanks for any information, or comments.

Judy Seck
Willow Elementary School
1012 West Willow
Lansing, MI  48915
(517) 325-7348 (phone/fax)

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