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        Hello.  I am the Library Media Specialist at a K-5 school
with approximately 400 students.  For the first time, we will have a
computer lab for student use this school year.  The newly hired lab
manager came to me and asked what my computer use rules were.  She wanted
us to be consistent and have the same set of computer rules in the
computer lab as I have in the library.  I have 8 computers in the library.
I have rules that I always tell the students, but I have never actually
written them down.  I agree with our lab manager and would like to have
some set rules for all computers in the building.  I want to make sure
that I don't leave anything out, though.  That is why I've posted this to
LM_NET.  I am very interested in hearing the computer use rules for other
elementary schools.  This will help me decide what rules I'd like to
include and to pass along to our lab manager.  Thank you very much.  I
appreciate all of your suggestions.

                       <>         Jennifer Burger        <>
                       <>    Library Media Specialist    <>
                       <>         Lee Elementary         <>
                       <>      Springdale, Arkansas      <>
                       <>     jburger@comp.uark.edu      <>
                       <> http://comp.uark.edu/~jburger/ <>

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