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On August 14, Claudia Stephen wrote:
>>>>With 1st & 2nd grades--the first 2 or 3 library visits include very brief
story times and the main focus is library "proceedures"--   . . . .  The next
lesson focus is "parts of a book." This is a good foundation for the next
lesson, alphabetical order.<<<<
     This seems like a good beginning Claudia but I have some questions for
the group that I have been pondering for awhile now --
1)  Information formats are changing.  These first graders will find the
adult world they inherit will include many electronic information resources.
 For as long as we can all remember we have been teaching children about the
parts of a book, and in subtle ways, the strategies we use to access
information using the organizational structure of a book, i.e. table of
contents, pagination, headings, etc.  The electronic formats are nonlinear
and therefore very different.  When is it appropriate to begin teaching
children about this organizational structure?

2)  The growing number of electronic resources are nonlinear which means
alphabetical order has a related decreasing amount of influence.     How much
emphasis should we be placing on alphabetical order?

Marjorie Pappas
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA
email:  marjoriep@aol.com
     or    marjorie.pappas@uni.edu

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