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On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Dennis G. Jones 941-773-3147 wrote:

> Dear Friends:
> I need a definition (and part of speech) for the word "kludge".

"Kluge (pronounced 'klooj') describes a makeshift, temporary, inelegant,
or poorly planned solution to a problem with hardware or software
"For instance, I have a *scanner* and a *cartridge hard disk drive* attached
to my computer. Because I haven't been able to figure out how or which
device to *terminate*, and also because I haven't bothered I haven't
bothered to get the right *cable*, I cannot have both devices working at
the same time. So when I want to use the scanner, I have to turn off my
entire system, switch the cables, and turn everything back on again. This
is definitely a kluge, a dorky solution that happens to work, albeit
inefficiently and temporarily. I wish I'd fix it.
"Most software kluges are invisible to the user and may actually result
in faster or more efficient execution. The bad thing about them is
they're had for a programmer to understand during any later modification
of the code.
"Kluge is usually a noun but can be mutated into any other form of
speech. Some people (*'Me among them,' says Steve*) insist on misspelling
(*'Spelling,' says Steve*) this word as 'kludge.' But if you saw the word
'kludge,' wouldn't you pronounce it rhyme with 'fudge'? (*Nah*).

From _Jargon, An Informal Dictionary of Computer Terms_
by Robin Williams with Steve Cummings. p.296
ISBN 0-938151-84-3 publ. Peachpit Press

Joyce Conklin            jconkli@ed.co.sanmateo.ca.us
San Mateo Union High School District (ret.)
San Mateo, CA

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