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My district is preparing to write a new curriculum for =
library/information skills.  In reviewing the LM_Net archive, I find =
that there are many more requests for information than replies.  Maybe =
we are all replying to the sender?  And HITS are few.

Having worked on curriculum writing in more conventional subject fields, =
I am coming to think there are some exceptional complexities to writing =
curriculum in a field that combines a high degree of skill with a low =
degree of unique content, and that is best taught in combination with a =
high-content field (for instance, as a research project for the social =
studies class).

In short, would any of you agree with me that writing a good =
library/information skills curriculum is more difficult than writing a =
good curriculum in (say) math?

Holly Wolf, Macedon Elementary School, wolfh@vivanet.com

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