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I am finally getting a chance to post my hit on the Apple IIs being used
to access the internet.  Most answering asked for the hit, but a few
included information.  Will investigate it more myself this summer as
time permits.  Hope this helps!
Jeanette Heath

From: Angus Saunders <saunders@NorthNet.org>
I would think the only way would be to dial a text only provider like
Northnet.  Between the floppy drives working with Applle Access II and
the slow modem speed, I hope you have a lot of patience.
There is a software package that you can purchase, called Point to Point.
This will enable you to telecommunicate using the IIe.  If I can be of
further assistance, please let me know.
From: Diana S Guiett <dguiett@beauty.magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu>
Technology Consultant     3966 #B Brown Park Drive, Hilliard, OH  43026
From: Dan Brown <danb@a.crl.com>
        You have a couple of options for getting information about
connecting your //e to the Internet.  You could check out the
comp.sys.apple2 and comp.sys.apple2.comm newsgroups; the people there
generally know the machines pretty well.  You could call Apple (they
have an 800 number just for this, but I don't know it off the top of
my head; try 800-SOS-APPL and ask them).
        With a //e, you need a serial card, a modem, communication software,
and an account somewhere that you can dial into.  The modem is the
easiest part--any external modem should work.  Most of them come with
software, but it's usually for a Mac or PC, and won't work on your
machine.  The best software out, IMHO, is ProTERM 3.1; for more
information, e-mail sales@intrec.com or call Quality Computers at
800-777-3642.  It's about $80, if memory serves.
I saw someone on the list wanted some programs for old Apple IIe's &
wondered if anyone still carried them. Today I got a brochure in the mail
from a company called ECC that has a lot of Apple 5 1/2" disks listed.

Their number is 800-350-4080. Prices seemed fairly reasonable.

Hope someone finds this info useful.

Debbie Collier          Orange Grove Elementary
collie@TENET.EDU        Houston, Texas

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