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Hi all! I'm soliciting suggestions for a SACS committee at my school (we're
doing our initial self-study for accreditation) and we would like to hear
from a national perspective. Our committee's name is "Identifying Desired
Results of Student Learning" (it took me a couple of days just to remember
the committee name :)). Our objective is to decide exactly what we would
expect a departing student to have accomplished while in school by the 4th
grade. If your school has adopted a mission/belief statement that would
cover this type of information, I would really appreciate a brief
recounting, so that we may compare our expectations with those of other
schools across the nation. I realize this is a very broad topic, but would
like to hear ANY suggestions from Media Specialists, since we are the ones
with the "big picture" concerning curriculum.

I am online this summer, so you may reply to me at
TIA - Ellen
Ellen Taylor, Media Specialist
Kenwood Elementary School
(615) 553-2059

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