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In addition to the teachers - the public library needs 5 branch
librarians, a govdoc/cataloguer, a systems librarian and a reference
librarian. Loads of opportunity here, sunshine all the bloody time and
our wages ore comparable to the Mainland even though our cost of living
is higher.

Send your resumes to me and I will forward them to our Director.

Best to all.

We are 15 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time -
livin' in the future --ain't it grand!

Slainte! May today bring a great new story for your repertoire!
T.K.Cassidy, MLIS
        -- Children's Librarian ///// Guam Public Library System
        -- Resident Storyteller & Writer ///// tkc@kuentos.guam.net

   Winner 1996 Maga'lahi Award for Excellence in the Humanities

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