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In response to the following message that was posted.  I have used the
WebWhacker software (available on the net for a fee), and it is great.
 However, it does not solve the copyright issue it only enables one to copy,
much as a copy machine enables one to copy almost anything but being able to
do it does not make it legal to do so.  We used the WebWhacker software to
take off our own school website to use on multiple machines that did not have
actual Internet interfaces.  We were careful not to "whack" off any hot links
that led to outside locations.  We only took off our own site and internal
links.  We were able to demostrate our site to multiple groups of children
and adults without worrying about tempermental  connections and too few
actual connections to the Internet.  If we used it for any other purpose we
would definitely obtain copyright permission.-----
Date:    Thu, 4 Jul 1996 07:27:56 PST
From:    "Kathryn L. Stirk" <stirkk@JUNO.COM>
Subject: Media and Internet/Copyright

Has anyone used the WebWhacker (sp?) software to pull together various
sites, save them, and use later for teaching/research?

I understand the theory behind WebWhacker but haven't tried it.
That might solve the copyright problem (you're taking the whole thing) and
the unruly connections problem.

Kate stirk

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