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This truly is a place of continued support.  I was so astounded by the
number of responses I received by 10:00 a.m. yesterday.  There were many
requests for me to not do a direct reposting of the message I was sent
(and frankly, I am not sure I know how to do that) so I will reiterate
the best I can.  If anyone wants more specifics, please let me know and
I will be glad to converse with you more.  <mitchelt@pld.com>

Eighty percent of the responses said they had been in a very similar
situation or are currently in my situation.  That, in itself, made me
feel better.  I am not alone.

There were suggestions to be a good role model and things will change in
time.  I have been and will continue to do this.  She has made small
changes thus far, from the beginning of school.  I am not wanting to
start a battle between us and will probably make subtle comments to her
as time goes along.

Some responses said to talk to her now and stop this before it gets out
of hand.  This thought has crossed my mind, too.  I am new to the
profession and she has witnessed another professional for three years.
She had her preconceived ideas and I have gathered that her previous
role-model (my predeccesor) did not like any noise and was very strict
with the kids and the teachers.  I continue to take that into

There were response that let me know some libraries are still
ever-so-quiet.  I do not want to convey this to my students or teachers,
at all.  I remember my library experiences as a child and they were very
unpleasant.  I am not in this profession because of any of my past
librarians.  I do not have a problem with quiet when it is neccesary.

My libraries are not used for research much because the teachers are all
pretty used to having their own materials.  I am trying to change that.
I also am operating on a fixed schedule with kids every 30 minutes from
9:00-3:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Usually the teachers
will request materials before their class and then they teach it in
their  own room.  I hate that I don't have the opportunity to work with
small groups on research types of lessons.  We are in the process of
networking our buildings and will all have internet access, hopefully
soon.  I know my time with the teachers and students will increase then,
because there are very few who have any working knowledge of the
internet or its uses.  Am looking very forward to that time. :-)

Again, thank you for the variety of expertise I was given through your
messages.  I have quite a file for future reference.  Will let you know
what happens.

Your friend,
Tammi Mitchell
Ulysses, KS

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