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Diana, I don't use Accelerated Reader;  I use Electronic Bookshelf which
isn't into points like Accelerated Reader.  But, I can think of some
incentives that aren't so materialistic as the standard Accelerated
Reader rewards:  (1) Take a Poloroid shot of the student holding his
favorite book near his face and post it on a "hall of fame" in the hall.
(2) Let a student select a book from your box of paperbacks you got in a
bookfair.  Then put a bookplate in the book you make on Printshop that
says "This book is presented to Mrs. So and So's class by Janey Doe
because she read ___books in 1996"  Then make a big deal about presenting
the book to her classroom.  (3) Hand a student the catalog from your
favorite jobber and let her pick out a book to order.  Put a bookplate in
it when it comes and let her be the first to check it out.  Make the big
deal in her classroom.  (4) When you bookfair comes, let one of the
awards be a paperback out of the fair--either given to the student or to
his classroom.  (5) Take some of the students are a certain level to the
kindergarten where they read to a class or wide-eyed children.  Simple
arrangements can be made ahead of time.  (6)  Lunch with the principal.
This always wows 'em.  Lunch can be in the library or at a restaurant.
Sometimes the restaurant donates the lunch for publicity.  The principal
is careful to ask the kids about their reading favorites, etc.  This
helps the principal meet some of the kids who are the chronic
trouble-makers.  (7) The high school football or basketball or drill team
can be recruited to do a 2 hour clinic for a group of kids.  They run
their legs off, then they give them a pep talk about reading even more.
(8) Coupon to use PrintShop in the computer lab to make any kind of
banner or sign the student wants and then hang it in the hall, classroom
or home.  They love the freedom and the permission to hang it in the hall
is a reward in itself.  This also promotes computer experiences.  (9)
Put the top readers' names on the marquee outside the school.  Take their
picture and give it to Mom.
    As you can see, you can use reading awards to build up classroom
libraries--another facet of school reading.  The awards can weave your
reading program into all the other learning experiences going on in the
school and the district.
    The way I see it, the AWARDS (not rewards) for reading are just an
excuse to promote more reading.  Every chance you get say "But the best
thing about this is that you read some really good books!"
Donna Cook, library teacher
Raguet Elementary, Nacogdoches ISD, and Douglass ISD, and First Baptist
Nacogdoches, TX                         Douglass, TX      Nacogdoches, TX
<dsc@tenet.edu>         "The best education is caught--not taught"

On 2 Nov 1996, Diana Hicks wrote:

> Fellow Librarians,
> I am in an elementary school (K-5).  We are going to use Accelerated
> Reader program for the first time.  What are some of the school or grade
> incentives(rewards) that you use?  We would like to get away from some
> of the more materialistic types of rewards.  Your help will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Diana Hicks
> jhicks@vnet.net

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