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Hello LM_NET Webmasters,

If you are a school librarian who is the webmaster for your school, or as
part of your library Web page organize links to information resources on
the Web, please let me know, and include your Web Page address, along
with school name, city, state, and your title.

Please send your information to:  pmilbury@cusd.chico.k12.ca.us

I will add any that are not already listed to my page of school librarians
the Web.
      Peter Milbury's School Library & School Librarian Web Pages

I recently received the following message from Jackie Siminitus, a
librarian employed by Pacific Bell to assist schools and school librarians
with accessing the Internet. I admire Pacific Bell's approach, because
they believe that the school library is the appropriate place for the
Internet to be brought into the school, (and for many other reasons
related to how they have supported schools getting access to the Net!)

Here is what Jackie wrote:

I'm writing you for some advice and possible action. I've often heard from
librarians (mainly public and academic) that librarians are the ones who
should be shaping the Internet, making it more logical to navigate, etc.
Now, as websites multiply like crazy, I'm finding a number are librarians
by training. I'm also more impressed with the depth of content and
arrangement of their websites.

What do you think about my observation? Do you think our library schools
should include or insist upon a communications class with website
management a part of it?

Is there a "librarian as webmaster" story for the press? I considered
asking this question and starting a discussion on CALIBK12, but it really
is for more than California and broader than school librarians. It could
make a great story.

- Jackie

[I volunteered to ask LM_NET members.]


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