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I have recently covered an assignment with English on same theme.
With our year 8  (13 & 14 yr olds) we decided to broaden the theme
to folk tales  and myths from around the world as this would give
the pupils  an opportunity to discover more about the cultural
background of  other countries.

After purchasing a good range of titles at different levels to provide
differentiated texts we asked the pupils to choose a story and re-tell
the tale from one characters point of view.  The story would need to
be re-told in the first person.
Opportunities were provided for the classes to discuss how and why they
chose particular stories.  We then discussed how they were going to  pupils to
on the processes underpinning learning.
The final session reviewed the work and the pupils evaluated their
successes, problems and ideas.  The pupils also provided a list of
tips for future years tackling the same assignment.
They all enjoyed the work and the finished product was very impressive.
Skills tackled during the teaching concentrated upon note-taking,
and skimming and scanning. I provided handouts for pupils and
teachers for this.

Deborah Stafford
Gen H.H. Arnold HS
Department of Defense Dependents Schools
Wiesbaden Germany
or  deborah_stafford@ccmail.odedodea.edu

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