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I would like some advice on book fair companies.  I have been using
Scholastic and have been very pleased with them, but with the fair I am
currently having now I have had nothing but problems.  Apparently they had
scheduled too many book fairs for this week and didn't have the personnel
or telephone lines to handle the requests.  Their toll-free telephone
number would rang as many as 12 or 15 times before I would get an answer
and then I would be put on hold to wait as much as 10 minutes for a
representative.  Also it took three days for me to get reorders and their
warehouse is right here in Birmingham.

Yesterday I finally had to tell them I had Open House last night and needed
merchandise to sell as I was out of many items including pencils, erasers,
and bookmarks.  Although I finally got a reorder, many of the items I
needed still weren't included.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Book fair companies are always calling
me wanting me to schedule a book fair and I feel that I don't have to put
up with this poor service.  One of the representatives said Scholastic is
having management problems, but I don't think we should have to suffer for

I do plan to cancel my spring book fair with them and use another company.
Scholastic has good quality materials but the hassle isn't worth it,
especially when students are eager to purchase and I don't have the item
they want.


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