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For all of you who have asked me about Guam - especially the surprizing
number of you who used to live here - Boy! Do I have a site for you!


It's a virtual tour of this island (I live near the "A" in Andersen) and
shows some interesting stuff. So many people have asked me what in the
world latte stones are, - I forgot they are unique to this island - the
grey things in the back ground are of the site page are lattes. It might
help you visualizing the final page in my book -  though the story does it
pretty well!

Happy touring...and Boy, I am I glad you're all back...It was getting
pretty sparse here on the Net!! Thanks to all you others who kept me from
being too lonesome!!

Slainte! Guam is 15 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time --
Living' in the future -- ain't Life grand!

T. K. Cassidy - Children's Librarian /// Guam Public Library
                             Resident Writer, Storyteller & FINALLY
published author!! :-)

NEW SITE: http://www.guam.net/home/tkc/

Reality is only for those who lack imagination!

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