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Good morning and Happy New Year.  Just came across the thread re:
multimedia authoring tools.  Want to add my 2 cents...
I'm trying to "sell" HyperStudio at the HS...convinced one of our student
teachers to do a project with his classes...last year one of the special
education history classes used it to create a project on mythology.  I think
it's GREAT and I don't think it's less powerful than Digital Chisel, personally
I thought it was slicker, if you wanted to do just the "canned" stuff, but
HyperStudio offers tremendously more potential ...

The difference between HySt and PowerPoint, IMHO, is that the one creates
interactive projects which utilize hypertext concepts, the other is a
great presentation package for linear presentations.

Enjoy the weekend...Julie Hulten, LMS, East Haven HS

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