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To all:  I just saw Debbie's request and I will be involved in a similar
project.  My committee is planning specifically for a nature/science
magnet theme which may or may not need something a "little different."
Anyway, if you are replaying to Debbie, could you also email me the same
infor.  TIA.   I have already culled the archives and have that info.

Deborah Bailey                  dbailey@sinnfree.sinnfree.org
West Middle School
Rockford, IL 61103

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Debbie McWilliams wrote:

> Hi Everyone!!
> I have been appointed to the committee that will be planning the library for
> a new middle school (grades 6-8) in our district.  I was hoping some of you
> have been through this process and can give me some tips!!
> The population will be 800-1000 students.  We have to order an opening day
> collection and equipment.  The budget for the collection is $120,000.
> I would also like to hear any advice you may have on working with a committee!!
> Please respond to my email at dmcwilli@zianet.com
> Thanks!
> Debbie McWilliams
> Hillrise Elementary School
> Las Cruces, NM  88011
> dmcwilli@zianet.com

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