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On an LCIII, it is very easy to find out if you have a IIe card
installed. Take a look at the back of the computer. The power on switch
is on the left hand side. If the card is installed, there will be a disk
drive port, parallel to the base in the upper right hand corner. This
connector has, I think, three rows of holes for the Apple II 5.25 floppy
disk drive.

As to whether it makes sense to buy new ones, I would have to say no
unless your school has a large supply of Apple II software and some staff
members who are insistent on using that software. Most of our Apple II gs
computers are gathering dust these days. Everyone wants to use the Macs
considering they have hard drives and CD-Roms. The cards cost about $125
each. That money should go into some new software licenses or lab packs.

Good luck

Rick Paula
Media Specialist, Elem Tech Coordinator
Quabbin Regional School District

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