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as a librarian at a school for the deaf, i run into this problem -all- the
time.  there simply are no listings of materials that are accessible to
deaf students.  reading levels vary from student to student and some
students might not object to looking at a picture book while others will
be very sensitive to this and refuse to use a "baby book."

just as an example, one of the ongoing difficulties is finding career
materials written below a 4th grade reading level. Virtually impossible.
Our school encourages parents to do alot of reading with the children.  We
really can't consider our students independent readers at the 1st grade
level.  The language gap is simply too great and they will not be able to
deal with the idiomatic language.  this is not to say that the children
won't catch up...they will...but not thru independent reading!

hope this helps somewhat.


American School for the Deaf

On Sun, 2 Mar 1997, MaryEllen George wrote:

>         A parent from another listserv (EDUDEAF-L) has asked if there
>         are any librarians who can help her find books on geography
>         and history written at the first grade level for her deaf son
>         who is 9-10 years old.  She noted the difficulty of finding,
>         for example, an age-appropriate book on the Lincoln Memorial
>         for her son.  She is reticent of libraries and librarians being
>         able to assist her with her information needs.  I sent her
>         a bibliography of reference books containing listings of
>         high interest/low vocabulary books.  But I'd like to send her
>         specific titles to make a positive impact on what libraries
>         and librarians can offer her and her deaf son.  Any suggestions,
>         LM-NETTERS?

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