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         Date: 03/03/97
         From: Kimberley Walker        BTB  BWTR  Mkt       WALKERK  - BTMAIL
           To: To get INTERNET information and registration INTERNET - IBMMAIL
      Subject: Baker & Taylor Responds to 2/25, Star-Bulletin Poll (part 2)

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3. Dupicate Orders: There have been no further duplications since December 1996
.  Baker & Taylor acknowledges this was indeed a problem with the 1995-96 fisca
l year order.  However, the explanation behind the duplications has yet to be c
learly defined to the residents of Hawaii.  1) The library system was required
to expend its 1996 budget by June 1996 or stand to lose it, in effect throwing
away the opportunity to order new materials for library patrons during this per
iod. 2)Because of the Ameritech automation contract dispute, Baker & Taylor did
 not have access to the library systems current holdings until July 1996. 3) Ba
ker & Taylor signed the contract with HSPLS on March 28, 1996 and was immediate
ly instructed to order 60,000 units within a two month window so the funds woul
d be used before the June deadline.  The order of 60,000 units was in progress
before Baker & Taylor had received the completed collection selection guideline
s still under formulation at some of the 49 libraries.
     In an effort to balance library patrons demands for new selections and not
 lose its allocated budget dollars, the HSPLS chose to instruct Baker & Taylor
to purchase items without access to the existing holdings and to utilize the no
t yet completed Hawaii library selection guidelines. Duplications occurred and
continued as the orders were received over the ensuing months.  Adding to an in
crease in duplicates, individual libaries continued the customary practice of o
rdering selections with their separate library funds.  Baker & Taylor was unawa
re of these orders.
     Since December 1996, with access to the library system contract and new co
ntrol procedures, duplicates have been eliminated.
     Baker & Taylor is a strong advocate of improving the communications betwee
n parties and increasing local input.  It welcomes performance and contract rev

iews by the State Board of Education and HSPLS as a means of continually enhanc
ing the program with the goal of offering all the services to library patrons a
nd the taxpayers of Hawaii allowed within the limitations of the reduced HSPLS
     Material selection is guided by the collection selection guidelines provid
ed by Hawaii's librarians and the contract requirements.  The reduced udget has
 created a challenge for librarians to make selections within these new monetar
y guidelines. And, Baker & Taylor must purchase materials to meet the contractu
al agreement and stay within its dictated budget.  It is the goal of Baker & Ta
ylor to serve the patrons of Hawaii's libraries by working with the HSPLS and l
ocal librarians to improve the guidelines and processes under this new procedur
e, creating the best possible mix of selections.


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