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I am trying to find the title to a book I read last summer. The story is
about two children who go to visit their aunt and grandfather. The
grandfather years earlier had remarried after his first wife passed away.
The people of the town all think this second wife is a wonderful woman and
is taking care of the children in the family. But really she doesn't like
the kids and tries to send the girl (the aunt) off to school and the little
boy she tries to drown in the lake on the back of the property. But she
also drowns and everyone thinks she was trying to save the boy. the
stepmoms ghost haunts the house and trys to hid a diary/journal with the
hidden secret in it. It takes until the end of the story for the two
grandchildren to discover the mystery. and solve it. I have two teachers
who I told of the book and they want to read it to their class and I can't
seem to find the title or remember even where I got the book from. Maybe my
public library not my school library. Anyway, TIA.

Mariann Amass

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