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Well, today, I attempted my first two pranks and found out two interesting
things.  The kids can take a joke, the teachers cannot.  I never realized
we could be so stale and staunchy!

First, I put notices in all teacher mailboxes stating that the Internet was
going to be shut down for a 24 hour period starting 12:01 a.m. April 1st and
continuing through 12:01 a.m. April 2nd.  They were instructed to disconnect
their computers so that 5 robots around the world could clean out all the
jetsam and flotsam on the Internet.  All outdated or usless data would be
deleted.  Additional information was added about realizing the inconvenience,
please contact their Tech. Coordinator, etc.  I sent thdid not sign my name, I
intended to send out a note today with 'GOTCHA" written on it, but the
feedback I got yesterday changed my mind.  These people believed it and
then got irritated when I told them or the Tech. Coor. told them it had
to be a joke.  Whew! sour grapes.  I thought it was humorous.  Guess I have
a twisted sense of humor.

Today, I put a sign on the library door (second floor) that said it was
FLOODED and class would be held today in room 104.  104 just happens to be
the principals office.  They (the folks in the office) were not amused, but
the 4th graders took it very well.  They complemented me on "getting them".

(sorry for the typos, I cannot edit)

Well, I will not be defeated.  I have begun on next year's prank.

Have a good day.

Doris J. Renfro
Gr. 4-8 Librarian
South Range Middle School
Greenford, OH 44422

"Outside a dog, man's best friend is a good book.  Inside a dog, it's too
dark to read."  Groucho Marx

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