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Middle Ages 03/18/98 monika sisbarro
Asia: pen pal 03/19/98 MaryJane Krajnak
Hit: Elem. Lib. Shelving (long) 03/23/98 monika sisbarro
Tech: Student access on workstations 03/30/98 John Meckler
Tech: Web page 03/30/98 monika sisbarro
TARGET:Penalty or punishment for "abandoned" books? 03/31/98 Joanne E. Ladewig
GEN: Average book prices 03/31/98 Chuck Pauley
HIT: Happy Clams... 03/31/98 Earl J. Moniz
Re: Picturebook evaluation 03/31/98 Pat Elliott
Letter From Vendor 04/01/98 Peter Milbury
Target: Beverly Cleary books - lit. guides? 04/01/98 PotokaG
Target: Reader's Theater for Ele. Students? 04/01/98 PotokaG
H.S. Core Collection 04/01/98 Christine House
Humor...Louie The Lobster 04/01/98 Earl J. Moniz
GEN: Doing it with Eggs 04/01/98 Gayle Hodur
Re: Happy as a clam 04/01/98 Graham Small
Tech:freezing keyboards 04/01/98 Marian Rebesco
HIT: Biography Today 04/01/98 Susan Grigsby
Re: Target: Reader's Theater for Ele. Students? 04/01/98 Michele Missner
GEN: Weed topic correction 04/01/98 Carol McWilliams
Target: Children's Magazines targeted at African American & 04/01/98 Michael K. Pate
Re: H.S. Core Collection 04/01/98 Michele Missner
GEN: longitude/latitude plotter 04/01/98 Bryon Anderson
thanks 04/01/98 Chris Finer
Ordering Out Of Print Books 04/01/98 Dorsty, Robin
GEN: Ontario Teacher/Librarians 04/01/98 Medway High School
HIT Top 100 (LONG) 04/01/98 Palmquist, Nancy
Need Prof. Bk 04/01/98 Jacquelyn Lee Koirtyohann
New Library Product Available! 04/01/98 Eugene Hainer
GEN: New Weed of the Month web pages 04/01/98 Carol McWilliams
Videos in lab 04/01/98 julie lepisto
Great Bookmark Suggestion 04/01/98 G. Oram
HIT:elem. book activities 04/01/98 Nancy Myers
Scanner, Printers for Mac 04/01/98 George Skyles
Admin. sites 04/01/98 Kathy Graves
TECH: Putting links into Eudora and Netscape 04/01/98 Robin Fritts
HIT: foreign lang. dictionaries 04/01/98 Beth G Anderson
GEN: April Fools' Prank results 04/01/98 Doris Renfro, Lib., So. Range Mid. Sch.
HIT:Great Trial books (part 1) 04/01/98 Bev Nelson
HIT:Great trials books (part 2) 04/01/98 Bev Nelson
Re: Toni Morrison interview 04/01/98 SARAH PECKHAM
REF: Trademarks 04/01/98 Pat Moore
LM_NET FAQ, April 1, 1998 04/01/98 Susan Baker
To: AK, ME, MO, NM, NC, ND, OK, RI, SD, VT, WV, DC 04/01/98 DHMS515
GEN: Marian the Librarian 04/01/98 Eliece Edge
Re: The Butterfly - Poem 04/01/98 Dr. Allan O'Grady Cuseo
HIT: Collection improves scores...? 04/01/98 Earl J. Moniz
Re: Book challenge 04/01/98 Nancy Lieber
HIT->Security Systems 04/01/98 Linda Young
HIT->Security Systems 04/01/98 Linda Young
HIT->Security Systems pt.2 04/01/98 Linda Young
HIT->security systems pt.3 04/01/98 Linda Young
HIT-> Security Systems pt.4 04/01/98 Linda Young
Tech: Microsoft Office 04/01/98 Tasevoli - Barbara R.
LC Welcomes ALA 04/01/98 Elizabeth L. Brown
Gen: Used CD's 04/01/98 gbhs
MID-Electronic Bookshelf --Now what do I do! 04/01/98 Linwalkup
MS/ HS CDs 04/01/98 Erica Thorsen (ptc)
Author Avi 04/01/98 LINDA HALL
Target: Rate of learning ... 04/01/98 Earl J. Moniz
visits by DeFelice and Hiscock 04/01/98 LauraLib
Re: Recipes 04/01/98 Lily Cooper
Target: Video for astronomy 04/01/98 Jean Campbell
Newbery question? 04/01/98 Jean Campbell
HUMOR: Real courtroom drama! 04/01/98 W & S Koontz
out of print books 04/01/98 Gustavo von Biachoffshausen
REF: Poem in "G. I. Jane" 04/01/98 Patricia Burns
HIT: Teaching Web Searching Skills 1 04/01/98 Cecily Pilzer
Re: Happy as a clam 04/01/98 Janice Bjorke
MIDDLE: Freak the Mighty 04/01/98 Susan Baker
HIT: Happy as a clam 04/01/98 Sally Lantz
Do any of your libraries employ outside help? 04/01/98 Karen McIntyre
Re: TARGET: SEC: Automating Small Schools 04/01/98 Linda Tonkin
GEN: Large print typewriter 04/01/98 NPHHALL
TARGET,ELEM: Overdue Books 04/01/98 Michael J. La Barbera
People who went thru Ellis Island 04/01/98 Kaaren Linton
Poisson d'avril 04/01/98 Madeleine Ann Dickerson
Fwd: Craft-related Theme Pages 04/01/98 Pat Elliott
Books in Spanish 04/01/98 audrey glick
Internet sites useful to teachers 04/01/98 LaVerne Petersen Ireland
Canadian Science fiction and Fantasy Genre explained 04/01/98 Pat Elliott
Book Selection for Juvenile Level Bookclub 04/01/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
Adult Level Bookclub Discussion 04/01/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
Young adult Level Selection for Email Bookclub 04/01/98 Eileen A. Schauermann
Some people! 04/01/98 Leesie Falgout
Library closed for rest of year 04/01/98 Vickie Rabourn
Re: People who went thru Ellis Island 04/01/98 Peter Milbury
Gen: weeding policy 04/02/98 Diana Caswell
Re: Library closed for rest of year 04/02/98 CTlipz01
Target: 4th grade U.S. Geography books 04/02/98 Roz Goodman
Re: HIT: Happy as a clam 04/02/98 Graham Small
GA ONLY: North Ga. Media Festival 04/02/98 Pope1966
Loof Lirpa Visits 04/02/98 Picone's
April Fool: Librarian from the Black Lagoon 04/02/98 Susan Grigsby
Dynix users 04/02/98 sally cochran
bulb/lamp giveaway 04/02/98 Rocco A. Staino
Target:Training staff to use computers-policy 04/02/98 Jean Bickel
April Fool jokes 04/02/98 Elizabeth Letterly
thanks for helping 04/02/98 Louise A Thorn

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