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   On Nov. 6, 1997, I wrote asking for information on virtual animal
 dissection on CD Rom.   More than a dozen individuals responded.

  The library staff has given the information to the Science Department.
 I have listed a summary below.  While one internet site can do virtual
 dissection online, the Science Department was not interest using this
 online program.

  Four companies were selected for previewing CD Rom material. They are:

 Scholastic Inc.
 2931 E. McCarty Street
 Jefferson City, Missouri  65101

 Phone: 1-800-724-6527           Software Title: Operation Frog
 Fax:  1-800-223-4011             only one program available

 Pierian Spring Software
 5200 S.W. Macadam Avenue
 Portland, Oregon  97201

 Phone: 1-800-213-8596           Software titles: BioLab Frog
 Fax:   (503) 222-4901                            BioLab Invertebrate
 Internet: www.pierian.com                        BioLab Pig
 Email: sales@pierian.com                         BioLab Fly

 Science Kit & Boreal Labs
 777 East Park Drive
 Tonawanda, New York  14150-6782

 P.O. Box 5059
 San Luis Obispo, California 93403-5059

 Phone: 1-800-828-7777      Software titles: BOREAL DISSECTION SIMULATION
 Fax:   1-800-828-3299                        Crayfish, Earthworm,
 Internet: http://sciencekit.com              Frog, Fetal Pig, Perch

 Educational Software Institute
 4213 South 94th Street
 Omaha, Nebraska  68127

 Phone: 1-800-955-5570              Software titles:  BIOLOGY LABS
 Fax:   (402) 592-2017                  Frog, Earthworm, Grasshopper,
 Internet: www.edsoft.com               Crayfish, Starfish, Perch, Clam

 All four companies have the CD Rom program available in both Macintosh
 and IBM/PC formats.  Individual programs, Lab packs and Networks versions
 are available by these companies.
 I home this list will be helpful to those libraries considering this
 type of CD Rom program.
 This is by no means an endorsement of any one company.  Programs will
 be previewed, assessed and evaluated.  This is our high
 school's way of meeting student's needs to provide student centered
 learning for virtual animal dissection.

                       Mary Bludnick, Librarian
                       Monroe-Woodbury High School, Central Valley, N.Y.

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