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that decision you are making is exactly why the school hired you ...
don't let others coerce or pressure you into purchasing books you
believe will not be suitable for your students (or their parents) ...
there are too many good books out there to spend your money on without
having to purchase against your better judgment. You are the expert; use
your expertise!
Thanks for bringing up the Harry Potter question re; Christianity.  I
will buy it for the public school I work in, but I tried reading the
first one and it bothered me, too.

I anticipate some "flack" on the books.  However, when I introduce the
book this fall, I plan to prepare students by talking a little about
imagination, and books which deal with the force of good against the
force of evil.  I then plan to also discuss whether a magician can
REALLY perform magic or just make us think he did.  I might also ask if
anyone every wished they could make someone "go away/disapper" who
caused them trouble...
  In telling my husband and son about the story; I have compared it to
the original Star Wars movie as well as the Lord of the Ring trilogy.
Mary Croix Ludwick   ludwick@swbell.net (home)
Librarian, Owen Elem.,The Colony, Texas
Lewisville ISD(north of Dallas)   K-5
 I can understand you not recommending this as a read-aloud, but I have a
hard time with the idea that you wouldn't purchase it for your
is a bestseller in a genre that some children really enjoy reading--why
you want to deny those children the enjoyment?
M. Bollar

I did finish the first book, and have a much better opinion now that I have
heard from all of you.  Never judge whether to select a book based on
reading only the first chapters!  Thanks for all your responses.Shereen
West, Librarian
Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Middle School

"God is Love and the one who abides in love abides in God and God abides in
him. 1 John 4:16

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