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Hobbs, Will._The Maze_,1998
Foster child Rick escapes from a youth detention facility and ends
up in Canyonlands Nat. Park.  There he meets a rugged man who
is working to release condors to the wild.  He opens up to the man
who was also a foster child and together they work with the
condors and the man's hang glider.  They get entangled with some
dangerous men and their plans.  Finally the man takes Rick back
to court and testifies for him to get a suspended sentence.  This
book is really three tales.  One: Rick's foster life and problems with
the law; two: the work with the condors in the canyon (here one
learns a great deal about these birds); and three: the mystery
involving the dangerous men.  The book starts out with the action of
Rick escaping, slows down as they work with the condors and
builds up again with their adventure with the dangerous men.  If
someone is looking for a fast-paced action adventure, this 198 will
lose them in the middle but one looking for a diverse book will
enjoy this tale of friendship and struggle.
Frederick Muller
fmuller@tellurian.net         Halsted Middle School
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