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   Please forgive me in advance for my ignorance of secondary matters:
I have been an elementary librarian for the last 12 years, and I have
adult public library experience as well.  I have been a high school
librarian, but that was about fifteen years ago, in a tiny rural
   I have a second interview on Tuesday for a job at a relatively large
high school.  Please help me with some general background information:
   What are the most useful (and affordable) databases and other online
resources?  I know about SIRS, and Britannica and/or Grolier online are
givens.  How about full-text periodical databases?  I am not trying to
pass myself off as an expert on these, but I want to be able to
intelligently discuss the basics.
   Also, I am way out of date on YA fiction.  My fairly intimate
knowledge of Seuss, Van Allsburg, Cleary, etc. is not going to help me
here.  I would appreciate it if some of you would give me your hot list
(say, the top five) of the YA fiction authors writing now.
   Any other advice on secondary vs. elementary would be appreciated.
   Thank you in advance!

   Lawrence Newton, Librarian
   P.H. Holden Elementary (for the time being anyway)
   Houston (TX) ISD

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