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I found two suggestions on LM_NET last summer that worked very well for me.
One was Kimmel's I Took My Frog to the Library. After I read the story to
first graders, I had students take turns reaching into my big canvas bag full
of animals--stuffed, plastic, large and small--and selecting something
without looking. Then they had to make a new sentence for the story using the
template, "I took my _______ to the library, but...................". The
only problem was, of course, not enough time for everyone to have a turn.
        For the older kids, I absolutely love Deedy's Library Dragon. We made
a list of everything we knew about dragons beforehand, then checked off the
ones that were depicted in the book. We also talked about a librarian's job,
before and after the story. What parts of the job do you see the Dragon do;
what don't you see? Library Dragon is good also because the pictures are nice
and big, although there are some great little additions if you read all the
small print(on food labels, etc.)
        Another fun intro to you and the library is Library Lil (don't have
the author's name in front of me but its illustrated by Stephen Kellogg). I
introduce Lil as a Tall Tale. (It was a great kick-off for Turn off your TV
        Also for older kids (3rd to 6th) to reinforce the idea of how
libraries can change lives, are Richard Wright and the Library Card and Tomas
and the Library Lady.
        Hope this helps!

Bonnie H. Withers, LMS
Milwaukee French Immersion
Humboldt Park Elementary
Milwaukee, WI

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