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Someone requested the info promptly, so here it is. This will probably
suffice for a "HIT" - THANKS to all who responded so quickly! - Joanne

I really can't speak for all of Europe, but in Spain and Gt. Britain
there are cybercafes all over the place.  The rates for use were quite
reasonable - $4.00/hr or so, so if there are a number traveling it
really is minimal.  You can do a search on the Internet for cybercafes
and find them listed by city.  When we traveled through Spain in April,
we found the list to be accurate and helpful.  Hope this helps and feel
free to email me with questions.

I travelled through Europe after completing my MLIS in 1997 and had
little problem finding Internet access. There are various Cybercafes in
most cities (especially France, Berlin, Rome, etc.) and there was even an
Internet Booth (somewhat like a phone booth) in front of the Van Gogh
Museum in Amsterdam. Two years ago, none of the youth hostels I visited had
access, but this might have changed. I wouldn't bother with a portable
phone, she should be ok with existing access in Europe. Bon voyage!

I'll be traveling in Germany and Austria.  I have searched the internet
and there are internet cafe's in the major cities.  Some have charges and
some don't.  Most charges are nominal...ie  5.00.  I would appreciate hearing
any of the replies.

Tell your daugher I will see her!   ha   Actually my daughter and I are going
to Germany and hopefully to Italy this summer.  I have many international
"kids" from exchange programs and I get email all the time.  When they are
away from home, or university, they sometimes use cyber clubs.

Joanne Ladewig
Information Center Director
Fairgrove Academy
(a K-8 public school focusing on the Visual and Performing Arts, and
La Puente, CA
jladewig@ns700-1.enet.hlpusd.k12.ca.us     (all lower case)
home email: shatz@lightside.com

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